Robert Hamacher


Jordan Wolfson for Spike Art Magazine

Mac Folkes for Gruppe Magazine

"BLESS this family", series for Gruppe Magazine, styling by Tim Heyduck, with clothes by BLESS

Editorial for Numéro Homme Berlin, styling by Tim Heyduck, h&m by Patrick Glatthaar, model Alex Stucke

Norbert Bisky Beach Towel, at CSD Berlin (for König Souvenir)

Lookbook for Minjung Jung, models: Marina Jagoda & Meme Meng

Jo Vankerckhove with bag by Heloise Edouard and a secret show. Styling Prairie Siripim Poolsombat

Armin Linke, artist

Felicita, artist & performer

Laura Henseler, galerist (for KubaParis)

Felicita, artist & perfomer

BLESS N°54, Paris Fashion Week

Silas Breiding, actor

Elena Tezak Jewellery, Lookbook

Installation view: "No Pressure" / "Foil (Moscow Spring Fever)" / "Reading", Palermo gallery, Stuttgart

Backstage Jule Waibel, Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

Don't DJ (for JunoPlus)

Judith Gerke, artist (for KubaParis)



"Reading", digital print, 105x70 cm

Grazyna & Agnieszka Roguski (for KubaParis)

Hayden Prosser, double bass player

Pinballs, for FLAT products

BLESS N°52, Paris Fashion Week

from "Moscow Spring Fever", Spector Books 2015

Brick Blanket / Steel Triangle / Block Box, for FLAT products

Lotte Meret, artist

Walls & Birds

from "Max", 40 pages, 2012

Polina Joffe, graphic designer (for PAGE Magazine)

from "Looking Serious", Lugemik Publishing 2018

BLESS N°51, Paris Fashion Week

Lucy aka Luca Mortellaro (for Freunde von Freunden)

from "Moscow Spring Fever", Spector Books 2015